The Ufology of Wright Patterson AFB

It's got more than fancy planes...

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Come explore long held claims of extra-terrestrial activity in and around Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio. Since the late 1940’s, this storied military base has not been able to dispel claims that it houses alien spacecraft. Some people have even claimed to have witnessed the bodies of aliens themselves, stored deep in underground vaults within its borders. Others have claimed that the government has used the base as a facility to reverse engineer spacecrafts that have been recovered from UFO wreckages all over the country. 

We’ll talk with one local Fairborn resident, a Mr. Steven Sams, who has observed UFO’s flying in the vicinity on two separate occasions. And we’ll explore media reports which document that Steven is not alone in his observations. 

Is there truly something other worldly about Wright Patterson Air Force Base? Or are these undying claims just the result of an overhyped public imagination? Let’s dive into the details, and I’ll let you decide for yourself.

Cincinnati Enquirer, 21 June 1997
50th Anniversary  Celebration of the Roswell Incident

Cincinnati Enquirer, 21 June 1997

50th Anniversary  Celebration of the Roswell Incident