The Ghostly Disappearance of Ronald Tammen, Jr.

His ghost still roams the hallowed grounds...


By 1978, no living students had occupied Fisher Hall on Miami University's campus for 20 years.  It seemed one student hadn’t yet vacated the premises. Ronald Henry Tammen, Jr., a sophomore from Maple Heights, Ohio, was last seen one Sunday night, April 19, 1953. It was an unseasonably cold night with snow flurries and the temperature near freezing. The 19-year-old’s disappearance would never been explained. His reputation on campus was known to most. This business major was an honor student and a Varsity wrestler. He was a resident advisor assigned to the freshman dormitory on account of his maturity and leadership skills. He was a fraternity member of Delta Tau Delta, and a bass player with the Campus Owls, a popular jazz band. He was also a talented singer, with a range like no other, from deep bass to high falsetto. It’s no wonder that his sudden and unexplained disappearance was so hard for so many to accept. Maybe that’s why the essence of Ron Tammen…be that his spirit, a specter or some recurring shadow of him remained there, on the second floor, room 225. 

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Photo Gallery

Reporter Joe Cella


Joe Cella was a reporter with the Cincinnati Inquirer.  He never gave up his search for Ron, and kept a picture of him handy in his wallet.

Fisher Hall


This is an undated photo of Fisher Hall as it looked in it's heyday, long before it was demolished in 1978.

Coroner Garret J. Boone


This 1973 newspaper article from the Journal News pictures Dr. Garret J. Boone, the Butler County Coroner who claimed Ron visited his office five months before his disappearance.

Public appeals


Newspaper articles pled with the public for any information that might lead to his whereabouts.

Ron's dorm room


This is an actual picture of the inside of Ron's room, as it looked on the night of his disappearance on April 19, 1953.

Ron as Varsity Wrestler


Ron was a talented student athlete and made the varsity wrestling team his sophomore year.