Rogues Hollow

Ohio's own Wild West...

Rogues Hollow is an area of Ohio that’s rich in both history and lore. One local by the name of Russell Frey published an entire book of legendary stories in 1958 called “The History and Legends of Rogues Hollow.” A newspaper article published in 1980 referred to the place as “Ghost Village, USA,” due to the unending accounts of paranormal activity reported by unsuspecting passersby. The area is dense with vegetation and natural beauty. Its frequented by hikers, fishers, and outdoorsy types of all stripes. Some areas are so densely forested by trees that sunlight rarely penetrates to the ground. 

The Chippeawa Rogues Hollow Nature Preserve and Historical Society maintains a website here: . It showcases a fully rebuilt wool mill.  The structure is a replica of the original that was first constructed there in 1828. This current replica, completed in 1976, stands as a museum and visitor center. The website for the museum shows a black and white photograph of the man who built the original mill, next to the bridge that still spans Silver Creek. This man wears a serious expression, and a period jacket with a high collar and tie. He has a distinct angular face with sunken cheeks and a high forehead. This man, Samuel Chidester, is the spirit Ohio Folklore listener, Sam Jarvis, claims to have encountered all those years ago. 

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The Chidester Mill as it stands today, a replica of the original 1828 structure near Doylestown.