Ottawa County Spook Lights

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In this episode, we’re exploring an unexplained phenomenon that has persisted in Ohio’s Ottawa county for decades, if not centuries. It’s a strange occurrence that has spawned folktales with more drama than a daytime soap opera. 

We’re talking about the Ottawa County Spook Lights.

Many Ottawa County residents claim to have witnessed yellowish balls of light rushing toward them while parked rickety bridges in the dead of night. These glowing spheres are disembodied, unattached to any object in the physical world. 


For more than a century, residents and visitors to Ohio’s Ottawa County have witnessed unexplained balls of light rushing toward them while parked on rickety old bridges. Many know the phenomenon as the legend of Elmore Ghost Rider… the glowing spirit of a local man who lost his head in a motorcycle accident.

Few understand the larger context behind this legendary story.

Come hear the truth. Come hear the history of supernatural claims which pre-date the alleged ghost rider tale. 

Something’s been afoot in Ottawa County long before motorcycles even existed. Come hear the details for yourself.

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Alleged video of Elmore Spook Light


Spook Lights Around the World

Photo and article published in the Portsmouth Times, Portsmouth, Ohio, US

April 15, 1933, Page 24

Unexplained "ghost lights" have been observed around the world, stretching far back into history.