Lake Erie Monster


Most people don’t think of the sea when they think of Ohio. Like most midwestern states, we’re landlocked. That is, with one important exception on our northern border. Lake Erie, our freshwater sea, holds a special allure for many Ohioans. It’s long been a destination for vacationers, fisher-men and women and boating enthusiasts. It’s role in commerce can’t be underestimated, as its shipping lanes are frequented, connecting Lakes Huron and Ontario on either side. She has seen a lot of history, like Native settlements along her shores, early European explorers and maritime battles. According to local folklore, her waves don’t only conceal rotting shipwrecks. Deep beneath the surface, lurking in the dark still waters, the Lake Erie Monster prowls along Erie’s bed. Her snake-like body glides. Her full length from head to tail is said to be about 30 feet. The width of her body, about two feet in diameter. Some have compared her to a giant eel, with an elongated and graceful midsection. Her head is consistently compared to that of a snake, with a pointed snout and two rows of razor-sharp teeth. She often surfaces when the water is calm, sometimes at night, when anglers and weekenders are turning in from a long day on the lake. 

If the moon is high, and the sky is clear, you can see her breach the surface. She’s known to sidle up to vessels of all sizes, rising her body a couple of feet into the air. Some spotters have observed her full length, with the humps of her mid-section rising above the surface of the water. 

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