Girty's Island

The Legend of Girty's Island


Our inaugural episode takes place amidst the corn fields in the flattened landscape of Northwest Ohio. Islands aren’t supposed to exist there. Islands are the stuff of pirates, and Robinson Crusoe, and remote tribal peoples. They’re exotic, or remote, or maybe even a little goofy (think more Gilligan than Tahiti). In any case, they’re not places that Midwesterners consider home. That’s why, when the term Girty’s Island kept popping up during my search for interesting Ohio folklore, I knew I had to dig in. 

Girty’s Island is situated within the Maumee River, a waterway that stretches 137 miles from present day Ft. Wayne, Indiana, all the way to the port of Toledo, Ohio, where it empties into Lake Erie. The nearly 40-acre parcel of land slices the river, an oval with sharp points on each end. Heading downstream in a canoe, it’s only about 2 miles past Florida, Ohio, a hamlet of less than 300 people. 

Want to hear more?  Come listen to this unforgettable tale of phantom lights and glowing orbs shining from this uninhabited place.  

Click here to hear more about the "White Savage" and the island his spirit roams: 

Simon Girty etching, 1928, illustrated by Thomas Boyd.

Simon Girty etching, 1928, illustrated by Thomas Boyd.