Franklin Castle

Cleveland's most famous haunted house...

It’s there, down a tree lined street in the historic Ohio City neighborhood, that we find a turreted residence that has held the imagination of Clevelanders for over a century. Its four stories and more than 20 rooms were built with heavy sandstone blocks, laid down in much the same way as stone masons did in medieval times. Its 80 long and narrow windows are adorned with stone carvings and elaborate wrought iron fences. Don’t bother trying to look in, though. Internal blinds and shutters block any view, and an outer fence that runs along the property supports a sign stating “No trespassing.” Despite these encumbrances, there’s no doubting just what this unusual edifice is. Just above the front entrance, painted in bold Old English script, is its name, “Franklin Castle.” 

Those who have lived in within the home’s walls have reported the disembodied voices of babies crying in the night. Footsteps glide against the hardwood floors. And on some occasions, residents and guests alike have reported seeing ghostly figures moving from room to room. Although not currently open to the public, these unexplained experiences have been well documented through various media accounts. Perhaps the most famed is an episode of “Paranormal Lockdown,” a reality TV-show that showcased two ghost hunter’s 72-hour investigation of the place. 

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