Fallsville Christmas Ghost

This story calls for a cup of eggnog...

Fallsville is a wildlife preserve. It’s located about halfway between Columbus and Cincinnati. The nearly 1400-acre preserve is comprised mostly of woods, meadows and fields of grain. It’s a sought-after fishing spot, with ponds stocked full of bass and blue gill. But perhaps the biggest draw is the picturesque waterfall from which it derives its name. Visitors come upon the scenic spot after wandering down a half-mile hiking trail. At first, the din of rushing water can be heard in the distance, but as one continues down the trail, the sound grows louder until, finally the falls can be seen in all their glory. Clear Creek plummets over rough limestone edges, which laid out like a giant staircase. It’s a serene little spot, unexpected in its beauty amidst ordinary trees and shrubbery. Looking closely at the surroundings, visitors can spot remnants of the town which once existed, including building foundations, sections of property line fences and a watering tank for horses.

So just what does this location have to do with ghosts, and Christmas for that matter?  Well, let me tell you.

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Photo Courtesy throwingsofas @ trover.com

Photo Courtesy throwingsofas @ trover.com