Egypt Valley

A state park you'll swear isn't in Ohio...

Come explore one of Ohio’s natural wonders, Egypt Valley Wildlife Area. It’s located in Belmont County which borders the West Virginia state line. Egypt Valley has long been known by the locals as a place filled with foreboding and mysterious forces. Today, it’s a state park of more than 18,000 acres. But before this section of the Allegheny Plateau was turned into a nature preserve, it was strip-mined for coal extraction. It was once home to the world’s largest earth moving machines. This method of wholly removing sections of earth left sheer-faced cliffs which remain exposed today. This created a topography that’s comparable to sections of Yellowstone National Park. It’s completely different from any other landscape found in Ohio. In the 1990’s, the strip mining ceased, the land was finally preserved. It began returning to its natural state. On arriving there for the first time, newcomers swear they can’t possibly be in Ohio. 


Today, the area attracts all kinds of adventure seekers, including hikers, fishers and hunters. But there’s another kind of tourist that’s become well known within this strange space. Groups of people, young and old, are known to travel there through the darkness of night. They’re looking for the shadows of souls that once roamed this land. Some are armed with recording devices and electromagnetic field detectors. They come with the hopes of connecting with spirits who linger.  They long to know what keeps them there.

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The exposed sandstone left after decades of strip-mining.

The exposed sandstone left after decades of strip-mining.  

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Grave of Louiza Fox at Salem Cemetery


Her final resting place.

Plaque marking the spot of the murder


There is some controversy as to whether this is the exact location.