Bigfoot in the Buckeye State

Sasquatch among us...

The legend of Bigfoot is not known only to the wilds of the Pacific Northwest.  Through the centuries, we Ohioans have developed a relationship with the hominid of the forest. The earliest reference comes from the late 18th century, when Native Americans of the Deleware tribe (residing in present day Tuscawaras County) warned of frequent encounters with hairy ape-like creatures. Tribe officials were known to leave out offerings of food in order to maintain peace. Moving forward into the 1800’s, one can find accounts of Sasquatch attacking carriages as they traveled down lonely roads through Ohio’s wooded hills.

Since then, the sightings of the beast have increased in frequency, especially through the late 20th century.  In this episode, you'll hear in-depth descriptions of these accounts, which are well publicized. These sightings have become so well-known that in Ohio, we’ve given Bigfoot his own nickname, the Ohio Grassman. According to the Bigfoot Field Research Organization (a group that has recorded known sightings since 1995), 66 of Ohio’s 88 counties have documented sightings. The most numerous of sightings occur in the eastern counties of Portage, Guernsey, Columbiana, Stark and Summit. It is thought that the heavily forested and remote areas in this region provide an ideal habitat for the creature’s survival. 

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The creature as viewed by multiple witnesses in Union and Logan counties in June, 1980.

The creature as viewed by multiple witnesses in Union and Logan counties in June, 1980.

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Minerva Monster

2015 documentary by Seth Breedlove

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Regional Map


Map shows where a group of sightings occurred in June, 1980.  All accounts are covered in the episode.  The sketch above also reflects what witnesses claimed to see.

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On the Trail of Bigfoot

2019 series documentary by 

Seth Breedlove

Cover accounts across the country

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